The Dolphin Dive for Certified Scuba Divers

One of the all time favorite marine animals for many is the dolphin. Previously, the closest one can ever get to a dolphin is at the various marine theme parks like Sea World. Then a few dolphin research centers started petting dolphins and swim with dolphins programs which allowed more direct interactions with these wonderful creatures. For certified scuba divers, direct interaction with dolphins under the water is possible. This is an even better experience than the swim with dolphins programs which keep guests only on the surface of the water. This unique under the water opportunity is available through UNEXSOs dolphin dive at Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. The UNEXSO dolphin dive is a single tank trip only available on certain days and fills up quickly so it is highly recommended to make reservations well in advance. The divemasters suggest that all divers add on an additional two pounds to what they normally use on their weight belt. This is because the majority of time spent during the dolphin dive will be kneeling on an open sandy surface at the bottom of a chosen dive site. Once divers are onboard, the dive boat goes to the dolphin facility minutes away […]