Sensational Scuba Diving Trips


In a world thats covered with water, the selection of destinations for scuba diving trips is endless.

Many recreational activities are limited as to where they can be found, but scuba diving is one of those sports that can be enjoyed the world over. Thousands of travelers schedule scuba diving trips each year as part of their yearly vacations.

Divers who prefer not to travel too far can find a location within close flying distance. Others who prefer something a little more exotic can certainly locate incredible diving in a far-off country.

Wherever your desire to travel may take you, the diving is sure to be exciting and varied. Each scuba diving trip offers something different from the one before, thanks to the diverse marine life living in the oceans of the world.

Consider some of these worldwide scuba diving destinations for your next diving trip.

St. Lucia

Located in the southeastern Caribbean, St. Lucia is not only a divine destination to visit on land, but also the ideal place to enjoy an incredible scuba diving vacation. Wrecks are plentiful and there are lots of shallow reefs.

Divers should be sure to visit The Pinnacles, considered one of the best diving sites in the Caribbean. Youll also want to visit the wreck of the Lesleen M., home to humongous crab and lobster.


Guests come to Dominica specifically to bask in the true natural beauty of the island. One of the Lesser Antilles and located between Guadalupe and Martinique, the island attracts hundreds of eco-tourists each year.

Coral reefs are plentiful, there are a few wrecks, and guests can even dive in two of the islands hot springs. Subterranean volcanic activity makes the waters around Dominica fascinating.

Don’t miss Scotts Head, at the south end of the island, where night diving is quite popular and pretty amazing.

The Florida Keys

For U.S. residents who prefer domestic travel, the Florida Keys offer a number of fine diving opportunities. From end to end, the waters around the keys are full of reefs that give divers a close looks at dozens of varieties of fish.

The wreck of the British freighter Benwood, run aground towards the end of World War II, is a terrific place to see huge grunts and snappers as well as beautiful Atlantic spadefish.


Italys island of Sardinia, the 2nd largest in the Mediterranean, is considered one of the premiere diving locations in the world. Thanks to its temperate Mediterranean climate, Sardinia is truly a year-round diving mecca.

The sea boasts lots of caves and coral reefs and youll see fish here that you wont find on domestic or Caribbean dives. As the Mediterranean was the site of many World War II naval battles, wrecks are plentiful and varied.

Australia and New Zealand

A scuba diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia is, of course, the dream of every avid diver. In fact, all the waters around Australia and New Zealand are perfect for diving.

The waters around the continent are both tropical and temperate so marine life is quite varied. Dive shops are plentiful so its never hard to find a dive trip to fit your needs.

Additional Destinations

Possible diving destinations are too numerous to mention. Choose a part of the world you wish to visit and check out local diving locations in that area.

Most of the islands of the Caribbean offer great diving opportunities. More exotic destinations may include the South Pacific, the Red Sea, Spain’s Canary Islands, or the coastal areas of Africa.


So you wont be disappointed, be sure that your diving certification is up-to-date before you depart on a scuba diving trip. Check the requirements for each destination to be certain that you comply.

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